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Learn more about CCI, our programs, and the benefits of attending CCI  here. 

Apply to CCI Nights: 

Students interested in participating in a CCI program during the 2020-2021 school year are encouraged to attend an Apply to CCI Night with their parents. Apply to CCI Nights give students the opportunity to visit the school, explore program offerings, and get help with the CCI application process. These are drop-in events held on designated Tuesday nights from 5 pm to 7 pm at CCI  over the course of the year. Please see the full list of upcoming Apply to CCI Night dates below.

February 11, 2020
March 10, 2020 

CCI Dual Enrollment Programs:

CCI Dual Enrollment Programs are college-level certification programs facilitated by West Georgia Technical College through the Douglas County School System. Students who complete a CCI program earn one or two (depending on the program) college certificates in their chosen field.  Any interested Douglas County high school student with 4 consecutive class periods available in their schedule is eligible to participate. For more information on the programs offered at CCI, click on the program name below. For more information on the application process, please see the Apply to CCI Checklist section. 

Criminal Justice
Culinary Arts 
Cyber Security
**Dental Assisting
Early Childhood Education
Game Development
**Nurse Aide

**indicates programs with an age requirement. See the program sheet for more details. 

CCI also offers a Audio Video Technology & Film program. This program is for high school credit only! For more information on the Audio Video Technology & Film program,  please click here

Apply to CCI Checklist: 

Students who wish to participate in CCI Dual Enrollment programs must be accepted and admitted into West Georgia Technical College before they are registered for their chosen program. To assist in the application process, we have created an Apply to CCI Checklist students and parents can use to ensure they have completed/submitted all of the necessary paperwork. The checklist can be found by clicking below. Completed paperwork can be turned into your high school's career center specialist or directly to the CCI. If you have any questions regarding the CCI application process, please reach out to the CCI School Counselor, Ms. Hansen. 
Apply to CCI Checklist

Funding Apps:

A funding app is the method by which WGTC (or other post-secondary institution) is paid by the state for Dual Enrollment students. To be registered for a CCI program, students must complete a funding app. Students will NOT be registered for their programs until a funding app has been submitted. 

A new funding app is needed for each semester a student is enrolled in a program, so most students must complete a minimum of 2 funding apps per school year. If they plan on enrolling for summer courses, they will need 3 funding apps per school year. 

Students will NOT need to complete separate funding apps for CCI programs and core Dual Enrollment Courses. 

Funding apps can be completed here at 
Homeschooled students and students without social security numbers will need to fill out a paper funding application. Those can be found here. 

Need help completing your funding app? 
Try using this How-To 


What is the Accuplacer? 
The Accuplacer is an admissions test used by the technical colleges of Georgia. The test is untimed, computerized, and evaluates skills in reading, writing, and math. All students who participate in a CCI Dual Enrollment program must first be admitted into West Georgia Technical College, Accuplacer testing is part of that process.

Is the Accuplacer required? 
The Accuplacer is the primary method for admittance into CCI Dual Enrollment programs. Other scores/options that can be used include PSAT, SAT, ACT, a qualifying EOC score (for the writing/reading portions only) or a 2.6 HOPE GPA. In most cases,  a student would have to complete the 10th grade before they can use a method other than the Accuplacer for admittance. Please speak with your school counselor if are planning on using a method other than the Accuplacer to be admitted into a CCI Dual Enrollment program.

What must I do to take the Accuplacer?
1. Sign-up and receive a permission slip from your school's Career Center Specialist. 
2. Complete and return a permission slip to your Career Center Specialist. The permission slip is required for your school to count your test visit as a field trip for attendance purposes. 
3. Study for the Accuplacer test using the free study app available at
4. Ride the bus to the CCI on your assigned test day to take the Accuplacer test. The CCI bus will transport you from your high school at approximately 8:30 a.m. and will leave the CCI to return you your high school at 11:35 a.m. 

When is the Accuplacer offered? 
The Accuplacer is offered most Fridays at the CCI. Check with your Career Center Specialist for all current testing dates. 

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